Why Choose Sparky Energy?


If you are busy managing a business and profits are important to you then you should work with Sparky Energy. While you are operating your business we are in the background working to keep your electricity and natural gas bills low.


We started helping people reduce their electricity bills in 2006. Since then we have developed systems that allow us to use our knowledge and experience to position our clients so the electricity and natural gas companies are competing for their business.


You have an energy expert on your team. You understand the best way to run your business and we know how to position your electricity and natural gas requirements so that you receive the best possible pricing with the most advantageous terms.


Just like your business the market is continuously changing. We know the energy market. We monitor it on a daily bases to make sure our clients are positioned to get the best deals. We will monitor your needs to get you what you want.


We service multiple markets. If you have several locations located in the deregulated states we can bundle your electricity usage to get you the best pricing. We have the knowledge and ability to work in every deregulated state in the United States.

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 Address. 3933 Bierstadt Circle, Plano, Texas 75023

Tel. 214-631-9751

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