Round Rock Residential Electricity Service

With so many plans and crazy terms, it is nice to talk with a human who can walk you through your Round Rock electricity decision. We will guide you through the electricity maze to make the right decision. Give us a call and see how helpful we can be.

Round Rock Residential Electricity Plans

We offer our customers many plans that you hear about on television commercials and the radio. We have wholesale electricity, free weekend electricity, fixed rate plans we even have travel discount cards. We work with you to help you select the best plan for you not to sell you a lot of hype.

Low ¢kWh Is Not Always The Best Round Rock Electricity Plan

When you are reviewing your electricity pricing everything is priced per kWh. It is easy to see a lower rate and think it is the best. The truth is that you must know how the advertised number is calculated. 


Round Rock Texas Residential Electricity

If you are looking for electricity for your house, condo, or apartment. Our customized residential electricity program helps you select an outstanding option that best fits your Round Rock Texas electricity needs.


Residential Electricity

Round Rock Residential Electriity

Today there are so many choices for cheap Round Rock residential electricity. Since the deregulation of electricity in Texas, many retail energy providers have entered the Round Rock market. However, we have been there since the very beginning of electricity deregulation.


We started servicing Round Rock Texas in 2006 with our competitive low priced Round Rock electricity service. With the many providers offering many different plans with various features it can get confusing for the consumer. We offer six different residential electricity plans for your consideration. Each plan is designed to help our customers to give them the best rate. 


We give our customers all the details so that any confusion is removed.  Our Round Rock Electricity Residential Plans include a 6 Month Term Plan, 3 Month Term Plan, 12 Month E Plan (Auto Bill) 24 Month E Plan (Auto Bill) 12 Month Green E Plan (100% renewable electricity), and a Month-to-Month Variable Plan. For pricing on these plans click here to see our current rates. Select an Round Rock Electricity Company with Integrity. 


Our company began in Texas. Our word is important to us. Just like other Texans, we have a statement that defines our business. Ours is, "Never sacrifice integrity for growth," We stand by these words. This is why we point out that there is more to your Round Rock electricity than the price per kWh.  You should also read the energy facts label for every company you are considering. This way you know all the details regarding extra charges like late fees, termination penalties, and policies when the plan expires. Sometimes after this document is read the super cheap Round Rock electricity rate isn't as appealing to the customer. 


We give our electricity customers a choice to either have auto-billing or pay from a mailed invoice. If our customers select auto-billing we reduce the electric rate because we pass our savings along to our customer. If your Round Rock residence has a smart meter we provide you with a weekly usage statement. This gives our customers the ability to see how they are using their Round Rock electricity. If changes in usage can be made to reduce the electric bill we will help you by giving you accurate usage information.


If you are moving to Round Rock we want to provide you with helpful information for other vital utility services. You may click here to set up your Round Rock Water Utilities, or Natural Gas Service. Round Rock Texas is a strong community with a vibrate history. We are proud that we have been able to provide Round Rock residential electricity to this community for fourteen years and look forward to many more.

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