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Personalized Service

With so many plans and crazy terms, it is nice to talk with a human who can walk you through your Texas electricity decision. We will guide you through the electricity maze to make the right decision. Give us a call and see how helpful we can be.

Frisco Electricity Plans

We offer our customers many plans that you hear about on television commercials and the radio. We have wholesale electricity, free weekend electricity, fixed rate plans we even have travel discount cards. We work with you to help you select the best plan for you not to sell you a lot of hype.

Low ¢kWh Is Not Always The Best Plan

When you are reviewing your electricity pricing everything is priced per kWh. It is easy to see a lower rate and think it is the best. The truth is that you must know how the advertised number is calculated. 


We will go into detail with you so you understand exactly what you are being charged. Our goal is to remove the confusion that is often found int the deregulated Texas electricity marketplace.

Frisco Texas Commercial And Residential Electricity

If you are looking for electricity for your house, condo, apartment or you need electricity for your warehouse, office or store we have you covered. Our program helps you select a customized option that best fits your Texas electricity needs.

Cheap Frisco Texas Electricity Savings Are Available

Everywhere I look I am seeing development in Frisco Texas. There has been a dramatic increase in demand for electricity in the are causing increases in electricity prices. Where can customers go to find cheap Frisco Texas electricity?There are many sources available for Frisco electricity customers to locate low priced electricity and some of them come with crazy claims. There is the free electricity at night plan or the one hundred dollar rebait plan. Our only caution to the consumers of these product is to read the fine print.Every electricity account in Texas is required to provide an Electricity Facts Label. This is a standardized form that is presented to every electricity customer so that they can compare the terms and conditions of each electricity company.After reading the facts label for some of these plans you may determine that they are not as exciting as you once thought they were. Be careful when you purchase your Frisco Texas electricity that you don't get stuck with terms that can hurt you. For example if you are late on your payment on a given month will you be required to retroactively pay back the awaited electricity? This could cost you hundreds of dollars.We offer you several electricity plans that don't have hidden expenses that can get you later. Our Frisco Texas electricity rates are competitive. Our terms are fair. Our customer service is exceptional and award winning. If you are looking for an electricity company that will h=be there for you when you need help we are here for you.As the City of Frisco Texas continues to grow so will demand for electricity. Hopefully the demand will not increase the price of your electricity bill. We at Sparky Energy will do everything we can to help you keep your cheap Frisco Texas electricity rates in check.