Texas Electric Consumption Greatest Of Electricity in 2015

As we like to say, everything is bigger in Texas. I think everyone knows this phrase. When it comes to our Texas electric consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy realized its electricity consumption report on Friday. According to the report, in 2015 the State of Texas used more electricity than any other state.Texas used almost 400 million kWh of electricity in 2015. Our homes, industrial buildings, retail malls and office buildings used a very impressive amount of electricity. California took second place followed by Florida. It is important to not that Texas electric consumption was still 100 million kWh more than the closest two consumers.Texas Electricity ConsumptionThanks to the deregulation of the Texas electric market, the average electric price for Texas was significantly below the national average of 12.65¢ kWh for residential electricity . During 2015 we had several customers averaging 9.35¢ per kWh. The US Energy Information Administration report makes it easy to see that deregulation of electricity has helped to lower electricity expenses in the states that are deregulated.70% of the State of Texas electricity market is deregulated. This gives many Texas commercial electricity users options when they select a electricity provider. With the various options that are available the consumer needs to rely on someone that is aware of the various electricity products that are available.With the amount of growth in Texas the rate of Texas electricity consumption is expected to increase. When future Energy Department reports are release we expect to see Texas to remain as the top consumer of electricity.

Texas Public Utility Commission Broker Number BR200151

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