Texas Business Electricity Savings And Commercial Electricity Reduction

Today I would like to review with you ways that you can reduce Texas business electricity expense. Over the past eleven years, it is incredible many Texas businesses overpaying for their business electricity. The main reason is convenience.Sparky Energy helps Texas business save money on their electric bill. We look at several electricity options and find the best solution we can offer our clients. Depending upon kilowatts consumed these savings can happen very quickly.A recent example of how we helped a customer save money happened last month. We consulted with the owner of a mid-sized office building in Plano. They were not aware that they were paying one of the highest electricity rates because their electricity account had converted from a contact rate to a month to month rate. Therefore their Texas business electricity expense was significantly above the market rate.Real Texas Business Electricity SavingsA representative from Sparky Energy met with them and gave them a free consultation. After our analysis, we determined that they could save $475 per month on their business electricity bill.In addition to reducing their expense, we also increased the competitiveness of their office. Since the tenants must pay their prorated share of electricity, this reduced the rental cost of the building and gave the building a competitive advantage.Quoting Texas commercial electricity rates is challenging. Business electricity costs are not the same for everyone. There are two variables each business must consider. One is the price per kWh. The other is the peak load factor. Sparky Energy helps reduce Texas business electricity bills by selecting the lowest kWh from our Better Business Bureau A-rated retail electricity providers. We will discuss in another post how to tackle the peak load factor charge from your delivery company. However, some of the greatest business electricity savings come by understanding and reducing your charge per kWh.

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