Commercial Electricity Connection Delay Electrical Inspection

Imagine this scenario. You represent a successful business and have just signed a lease for a vacant single tenant office building. A Commercial electricity contract has been executed with an electricity provider and you are waiting for electricity to be connected in one day. Two days pass and your contractor calls saying he cannot start his work because there is no electricity.Panic begins because your boss has moving trucks scheduled to deliver office furniture in two weeks and you still don't have electricity. You call the electricity provider you signed with and tea their head off. This is a real situation that has happened. The customer but more importantly the contractor didn't understand how the connection of electricity to a vacant single use building is performed.If a building's commercial electricity is disconnected their are serious safety issues that must be addressed before the electricity is reconnected. The electricity delivery company will not reactivate the electricity until the cities building inspector has visited the property and determined that it is safe to reconnect the electricity.In recent years there has been a significant amount of copper theft from vacant buildings. With smart meters the delivery company can connect the power remotely. Imagine if the electrical wiring and breakers were damaged and the power was activated. There could be significant property damage. So this system is designed to give the commercial customer protection from damage. However, sometimes it can be an inconvenience.Get Commercial Electricity Connected QuicklyAs soon as you sign a lease or purchase a property have your contractor file for a permit with the city.Once the contractor's permit is approved have their registered electrician file for an inspection of the electrical system.Select your electricity provider but do not place the order for connect yet.Hopefully the city's inspection passes and your electrician gets a free tag. The cities inspector will enter the pass into the system on your delivery company will get notification.When the delivery company gets notification call your electrical supplier and place the order for the service to be connected.This process is a little cumbersome but it is for the customer's protection. You don't want to see you new location burn to the ground. The key to commercial electricity connection on single tenant buildings is to be proactive. If you have an experienced electricity consultant they can help you with the connection.

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